Privacy Policy

As a company that runs Bobi Games, we are committed to protecting your online privacy. Therefore, we have adopted certain policies regarding the collection of online information about you

What information do we collect

Bobi Games does not collect any of your personal information! Therefore, please do not send us any private data or personal information

Cookies Files

Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer. These files help us personalize your experience on the web for better website performance. For example, we use cookies to memorize games you have already visited so that you can store them in the (Last played/visited) section or remember the site language settings
We never use cookies to store your personal information
Our company and third-party vendors may use cookies to display and provide Bobi Games related ads on other websites
We display third-party ads at Bobi Games through a variety of advertising systems. These systems use cookies. We mostly use Google's advertising systems and their Google Analytics service through which we analyze the traffic to Bobi Games. Google's Privacy Policy is available at:
Most Internet browsers store cookies. You can suspend this activity in your browser settings. Please note that stopping the storage of our cookies files may have a bad impact on the website's performance
For security reasons, our company may collect your IP address from which you visited our site. We also use your IP address if your game ratings, to avoid repeated evaluation
Our company is not responsible for the content on third party websites that are linked from our site through advertising systems